Performance Psychology

Working with individuals to optimise thinking and performance

Performance Psychology is used to help a range of people achieve a better, more consistent and refined approach to achieving their goals. It examines how psychological factors influence performance across all aspects of sport and performance, including training and adherence to training plans, achieving balanced nutrition, teamwork, self-discipline, addressing burnout, goal setting, endurance and motivation. It can assist individuals ranging from VCE students, professional athletes, coaches and trainers, to amateur sportspeople and people engaged in recreational sports.


Our psychologists will work to identify your goals to improve your performance. We will assist you with tailored psychological strategies specific to your needs to achieve and maintain these goals and to continue to improve your performance.  Our psychologists can help with many aspects of performance, including:


  • Maximising performance from a psychological perspective

  • Maintaining consistency of performance

  • Addressing performance anxiety and stress management

  • Management of additional life stressors and anxiety

  • Breaking unhelpful patterns

  • Team building and teamwork

  • Communication skills and conflict resolution

  • Post-performance debriefing

  • Goal setting

  • Maintaining motivation

  • Concentration and mental preparation

  • Visualisation, imagery and mental rehearsal


 MYND offers assessment in regards to performance, mindset and subjective well being incorporating positive psychology and performance psychology principles. Assessment can include: examining character strengths; ascertaining your mindset; identifying barriers to growth and peak performance.