Our Psychologists have specific training and  experience working with women, men, families and couples across the antenatal and postnatal period

Trying to fall pregnant, pregnancy, parenthood and parenting can involve a range of physical and emotional experiences. Women, men and couples may find these times challenging. As such, pregnancy related intervention is relevant to you if you have concerns with:

  • making decisions and exploring possible options about pregnancy

  • difficulty falling pregnant

  • coming to terms with unexpected outcomes (e.g. stillbirth, miscarriage, genetic conditions, problems at birth, cot death)

  • dealing with a variety of feelings related to the pregnancy, birth or early months of being a parent

  • discussing the pregnancy with others (such as your partner, parents, children, religious or cultural group, grandparents).

Medicare rebates are available for pregnancy supportive counselling. Please contact the clinic for further details.