Information for Schools

We understand the need for psychological intervention in the school setting

At MYND we recognise the important role schools play in promoting mental health, by providing access to education, a sense of belonging, and the development of social and emotional skills – all of which are protective factors for children and young people’s wellbeing.   At the same time, poor attachment, peer rejection, and experiences of bullying and discrimination, and family issues may contribute to poor mental health.

At MYND we acknowledge that some schools are often faced with inadequate resources and funding to deal with the aforementioned concerns and mental health difficulties of their students. We therefore offer a convenient onsite individual counselling service for students, with a highly trained and experienced Child and Adolescent Psychologist.

All we require from the school is a well being coordinator/school representative as a point of contact, an appropriate space/room to consult from, parental consent and Mental Health Care Plan for the student (which they obtain from their GP). We then manage the rest!

For further information regarding this service, please contact our clinic.