Child and Adolescent

We are specialists in child and adolescent development, difficulties and growth

Many different challenges are faced during childhood and adolescence; each child will react and experience these differently. Some children and adolescents, when faced with difficulties, may withdraw from social activities, become quieter and shows signs of depression. For other children and adolescents, they may become loud and display challenging behaviours, acting aggressively, or argumentatively in response to concerns. You may also notice changes in the way your child or adolescent may interact with you, their peers or other adults, or in their performance at school.


MYND Psychologists offer a range of psychological services specific for children and adolescents. We understand that as they grow and change, their needs will be very different. Our trained psychologists are sensitive to development across the lifespan and your individual child's journey through growth.  We provide tailored counselling and assessment to each individual's development, needs and experiences. 


Our trained and experienced psychologists discuss parent concerns in the initial session, in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the presenting difficulties. A treatment plan is then developed in collaboration with parents, which may include family work, talking confidentially with the child's teacher (with consent), and sessions with the child or young person.